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14th December 2022, Riyadh KSA
The world’s first Metaverse Discovery Day has been announced to take place in Riyadh on 23rd February 2023. The event will bring together a line-up of international Metaverse experts, flying in from all across the world from cities including California, New York, Helsinki, Berlin, Cairo, Edinburgh, Dubai, and
The agenda will help KSA senior executives explore how to define and implement their own Metaverse strategies, and be the springboard for the KSA’s launch into the Metaverse from key sectors shaping the 2030 Vision such as Tourism, Construction and Development, Finance, Healthcare, Communication,
Government and Retail.

The world’s first Metaverse Discovery Day has been announced to take place in Riyadh on 23rd February 2023

Metaverse Discovery Day Director of Partnerships, Adam Portingale explains: “the Metaverse is now reaching the consciousness of organizations across all sectors, who are just beginning their own journeys of discovery into how they can expand their organizations, brands and stakeholders into the limitless possibilities that the Metaverse presents. By bringing in the leading experts from around the world, we can accelerate this process and share learning, strategy creativity and implementation to create the blueprint for how the Metaverse will become part of the 2030 Vision.”

McKinsey research recently forecasted that that the potential economic value of the Metaverse could generate up to $5 trillion by 2030 ,and it is this economic potential that is driving organizations to develop their own Metaverse Strategies. The program of the Metaverse Discovery Day includes Global Case Studies where attendees will understand and learn how different sectors are defining new customer experiences. This sharing of experience and transfer of learning across sectors is a key objective of the Metaverse Discovery Day.
High profile organizations such as the NFL in the United States, or the English Premier League is already expanding into the Metaverse. Speakers Michael Glijer CEO of Zetly & Robert Rice CEO & Founder of Transmira will present a newly launched Pilot Program in Poland which will provide turnkey Metaverse solutions to selected football teams. The session will explore how the Metaverse can increase engagement via fan tokens, NFT Digital Collections and how Clubs can engage with consumers by combining Augmented Reality (AR) with Virtual Reality (VR) in a new XR environment.
From the Smart Cities sector the role of Digital Twin Cities is enabling Governments and Development Authorities to stress test buildings against the impact of Climate Change. Across the world the adoption of Twin City technology is revolutionizing the way in which city planning and development is now taking
place, and it is envisaged that every major global city will have a digital twin in the Metaverse. Hazam Fayyad, Founder, Transformology XR explores the technology needed to achieve a digital twin city whilst highlighting examples from across the world.

As well as having engaging content from the international line-up of speakers, event attendees will be taken on an immersive journey through the Metaverse, and witness and participate in specially curated Metaverse experiences that will be presented for the first time ever, as a world first. For tickets, and more details about the event, go to https://metaversediscoveryday.com.

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