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Kingaru is a new Layer 1 blockchain built for Retail. Kingaru Foundation’s native coin KRU is designed for fast transactions and fees that are a fraction of what credit cards charge.

Kingaru blockchain powered by KRU coin

Kingaru has announced that the native coin, KRU, will be first listed on Bitmart on October 27, 2022. Bitmart has over 9 million users in over 180 countries worldwide and is the perfect exchange partner to launch with KRU.

Brett Old, General Manager, and Chief AML officer explains,“We were presented with many exchange options, but Bitmart was the ideal exchange partner, to begin with. Their team has been exceptional to work with, and we are excited about the partnership. For over two years, the Kingaru team has been working on the technology, implementations, partnerships, and licenses. KRU is poised to be one of the most unique and innovative blockchain projects to date. Because the Kingaru Blockchain has been designed for retail transactions, the technology and goals were built differently than other blockchains.”

Brett Old continues: “We built Kingaru to be utilized in all aspects of commerce; we started with retail. We knew that if we could make it simple for consumers and merchants to transact in KRU, then we could help reduce credit card fees, fraud, and create an overall safer environment.”

Kingaru is the blockchain built for retail, and it is powered by KRU coin

With transaction speeds rivaling major credit card systems and fees that are less than a tenth of a percent, Kingaru’s ecosystem will be a true competitor to established and centralized financial systems.

Brad Boyle, Founder of Kingaru has said: “This was not about creating another meme coin or a useless token on another chain; this was about living up to the promise of the blockchain. Safer, more decentralized, and cheaper than traditional systems. When you look at what Brett and his team have been able to build, it lives up to our original vision. We believe that the retail world will not just be excited about our new technology, but it will make them profitable and will in the end save the consumer money.”

The Kingaru Chain is built on a proof of stake technology and is lighting fast, audited for safety, and the infrastructure is built for retail transactions. When compared to other major chains, Kingaru is faster in TPS as well in Block creation. This gives consumers and vendors the ability to grow their business without the concern of transactional slowdown.

Kingaru is the blockchain built for retail, and it is powered by KRU coin

Doug Allen, COO of the member-based travel company, explains,“JIFU is so excited to implement KRU. We looked at every possible crypto technology, and it was either too cumbersome, too expensive, or too slow for our members to book their travel. KRU will be a game changer for retailers and travel companies alike.”

When first launched the Kingaru Chain will have Trustless Bridge technologies already implemented.

Kingaru Chain 1,400 TPS – 1 block per second compared to Bitcoin 7 TPS – 1 block per 10 minutes

GM Brett Old adds,“We wanted the current owners of other cryptocurrencies to be able to use our technology as well, so we incorporated and built the safe and effective Kingaru Trustless Bridge. The first coins and tokens that will be accepted are Binance coins, but soon after launch, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano coins will be added as well. Through our wrapping technology, these coins will be utilized like native coins. It is amazing what our engineers have successfully built!”

Soon after launching on Bitmart, Kingaru will list the coins on more exchanges to give access to more users worldwide.

Kingaru is the blockchain built for retail, and it is powered by KRU coin

The founder, Brad Boyle explains: “We believe the value of money in general, traditional FIAT or crypto, is based on the utility that the coins have. We want as many consumers and merchants as possible to be able to utilize the technology and advantages that KRU has over other virtual currency providers.” In prelaunch, over $1,400,000 in coins were sold to people worldwide. 

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KINGARU FOUNDATION OÜ is incorporated in Tallinn, Estonia, and operates under a license from the Estonian FIU. License #FVT000537

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Official website: https://kingaru.com
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Kingaru’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/kingaruofficial
KRU coin’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/krucoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/xyS72QmQ

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