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London, United Kingdom, December 15th, 2023, Chainwire

Socrates, a global web3 social media platform rewarding users for debating, has launched an Influencer Accelerator Program to drive user engagement and community-building on the platform. The 3 million USDT fund goes live on 21st December, open to all web3 influencers regardless of following. On the same night, Socrates will host four events worldwide in London, Mexico City, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires to celebrate the recent launch of the app and distribution of the fund.

Socrates: Shaping Web3 Social Media with Rewarding Q&As

In the dynamic landscape of web3 social media, Socrates has emerged as a leading platform, sparking passionate discussions within the GameFi and SocialFi domains. Users can participate in multiple-choice Q&As, debating and sharing knowledge, including a unique incentivised ecosystem, where any interaction requires contributing to the question’s prize pool. Potential rewards* are then distributed once the question has closed, having already seen question prize pools amassing over 10,000 USDT* and creators earning nearly 1000 USDT just by asking a question.

Since its global launch in November, Socrates has become the go-to space for web3 users and key industry leaders to share their points of view and form like-minded communities, and the company now calls on influencers to unlock the thrilling potential of the platform for Play-to-Earn incentives.

Socrates’ Genesis Airdrop

Socrates is also excited to announce its Genesis Airdrop scheduled for December 18th, 2023, at 9am UTC. This event marks a significant milestone in rewarding the early adopters and contributors who have been instrumental in the platform’s growth since its launch last month. The airdrop will distribute a total of 100,000 tokens, with allocations of 10% to NFT Pen holders, 20% to active content creators, and the remaining 70% to early product supporters. The eligibility snapshot will be captured on December 16th, 2023, at 23:59 UTC. With this airdrop, Socrates aims to thank its users for their diverse and insightful contributions while looking forward to more such rewarding opportunities in the future.

Socrates’ 3M USDT Influencer Program

In a groundbreaking move, Socrates has recently introduced the 3 million USDT Influencer Accelerator Program. It’s not just a fund; it’s an invitation for influencers to dive into the hottest spot in the web3 universe where they can spark debates and take back substantial rewards.

To show Socrates support for selected influencers, Socrates will inject 3 million USDT* into questions created by selected influencers from the 21st December. This injection is poised to create a global buzz, emphasising the platform’s commitment to recognising and rewarding influential voices. The amount injected will be determined depending on their influence, where both influencers and users can earn a share of the 3 million USDT*.

Socrates’ Reward Syste

On the Socrates platform, everyone has the chance to earn rewards by posing questions, providing answers, and engaging in various interactions. Both influencers and platform users can benefit from the large prize pools created by the 3 million USDT injection, where selected influencers will secure guaranteed rewards by simply posing questions.

For influencers, benefits include:

  • As question creators, they are guaranteed a minimum of 5% share of the total points awarded to prize winners from question’s prize pool, including the points injected, known as the Question Creator Prize. If their question goes trending, they can also receive an additional trending bonus
  • Leveraging the global reputation of Socrates to nurture and expand their communities, amplifying their online presence and growing awareness
  • Learning important strategies for effectively utilising Socrates and interacting to maximise their chances of earning rewards

For everyday Socrates’ users can also benefit by keeping a watchful eye on the questions posted by influencers on the platform in the coming weeks:

  • By actively engaging with influencer’s questions, users stand the chance to earn significant rewards from the question’s large prize pools

Who Can Join and How?

The program is open to all web3 influencers with a strong community and following, a good understanding of the SocialFi and GameFi spaces, and who think they can make an impact on our platform.

influencers looking to be a part of this unprecedented opportunity can now submit their applications through the application form as soon as possible. Selected influencers are required to attend vital training sessions, enabling them to capture public attention through intriguing questions and answers and leveraging Socrates’ unique product features.

Double Celebration: Offline Events Across the Globe

In addition to the launch of the fund, four events in London, Mexico City, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires will turn the 21st December into a double celebration, honouring the recent launch of the Socrates app last month. The offline events are set to welcome an impressive guest list, featuring web3 industry leaders, Socrates’ 200+ employees, key partners, and influencers. Attendees can anticipate product demonstrations, live music, on-stage debates, and more, with an exclusive announcement set to be revealed on the night. The London event will also be livestreamed globally for everyone to experience the celebration.

  • Socrates is not just a platform; it has transformed into a thriving community where influencers redefine their online identities, participate in thoughtful debates, and unlock significant rewards! Sign up for the Influence Accellerator Program now!
  • For detailed information about the 100,000 airdrop, please refer to Socrates’ Twitter account
  • Members of the public interested in live-streaming the event can view it on Socrates’ social media platforms in the evening (local time) of the respective locations.
  • Users can join the Socrates community online app.socrates.com, or download the app on Google Play and Testflight
  • Users can sign up now with the invitation code 8kbe8hsq or use the invitation link

* USDT awarded in the form of points that can be redeemed 1:1 for USDT

About Socrates

Socrates is a global web3 social media and entertainment platform based on blockchain, where users earn rewards by participating in multiple-choice Q&As, debating, and sharing knowledge. Combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, the organisation aims to pioneer a new era of dialogue and knowledge beyond borders, empowering and rewarding individuals to share their vision and shape the future through diverse perspectives.

With social media and mainstream media currently directing human thoughts, Socrates inspires individuals to think freely about issues and combats misinformation. The platform features an innovative and intuitive user interface, allowing anyone to openly debate and discuss any topic, ranging from politics to sports and entertainment. Users can create multiple-choice questions in-app, allowing others to interact by answering, giving reasons, and liking comments. 

Integral to Socrates’ mission, they’re dedicated to providing a space for people to voice their honest opinions, presenting unique perspectives in a streamlined format. The platform has also created an incentivised ecosystem where any interaction requires contributing to the question’s prize pool, with potential rewards being distributed once the question has closed. Valuable contributions and more popular ‘trending’ questions may offer larger rewards, ensuring users initiate or contribute to the dialogues that matter.

Utilizing decentralized blockchain technology, users can access the platform by linking their non-custodial wallet and spending crypto. With a focus on transparency, safety, and security, the community will benefit from web3’s unparalleled privacy features and spam reduction. 

Socrates is a global organisation with a unique decentralized model that places its members at the core. With many members from leading fintech, web3, and crypto companies, the company has considerable plans for expansion, and is dedicated to giving everyone the freedom to share their opinion without constraint, fostering a community-driven platform that transcends geographical boundaries.

Learn more at socrates.com.


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