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Eskisehir, Turkiye, March 22nd, 2024, Chainwire

Sociapol is the innovative Blockchain VR platform reshaping gaming, socialising, and content creation. Leading the charge in the booming VR-media arena with its seamless cross-platform digital space. Users can immerse themselves in a world where they can play games, interact, design NFTs, and live a parallel virtual life through their NFT avatars and they can also earn SPOL tokens.

Partnered by some leading names in the industry like NEAR, Paras, SAGA, AWS Activate, BNB Chain etc., Sociapol is expanding and their creative strategy is resulting in a spike in adoption rates. 

Sociapol’s revenue approach incorporates NFT sales and in-game advertisements as part of its growth strategy. The company aims to explore new revenue opportunities for both users and creators through the monetization of digital assets.

Some Key Features of Sociapol

  • Cross-Platform: Sociapol will let users explore and use the same virtual environment on PCs, mobile devices, and VR headsets.
  • Community: In less than six days, the private sale round was sold out for 240k USD, which resulted from the efforts of Sociapol’s current shareholder community.
  • GameFi: Players can engage in ultra-casual games and win tokens in the process.
  • SocialFi: Sociapol will let users communicate with one another and gain access to tokens and NFTs for special events.
  • User Generated Content: Sociapol will allow users to produce and submit content to the network, earning tokens along the way, by partnering with major gaming firms.

Meet the Team

Gürcan Serbest, Sociapol Founder & CEO: With over 20 years of experience in gaming and VR development Gürcan now uses his virtual world creation capabilities to ensure Sociapol brings an incredible experience for users.

Saygın Kolaşinli, Sociapol COO: Having worked in engineering and project management for over 15 years, Saygın ensures everything runs smoothly and everyone has the resources they need to further develop the project.

“We have the vision of setting the benchmark for virtual gaming and socializing within the Web3 realm, establishing a model to be followed and admired across the industry, our product has been one example of what our vision is. We also have plans for Airdrop for the Alpha Users in Q2 of 2024 along with our platform launch for PC & mobile” said Gürcan Serbest, founder and CEO of Sociapol.

The board of advisors includes some leading names like Hakan Yıldız, Fonbulucu CEO & Founder, Erkan Bayol, Metaverse Game Studios CEO & Founder, Umut Ersaraç, Senior Gaming Industry Consultant / Mentor and Tuğsan Gökgöz AdImage Co-Founder.

Sociapol Tokenomics

Running on the Binance Smart Chain and adhering to the BEP-20 standard, SPOL has a 100 billion token supply and is interoperable with popular wallets like Metamask. As the foundation of Sociapol, SPOL empowers users, developers, innovators, and stakeholders, underscoring its intrinsic worth in the thriving Sociapol community. The TGE is scheduled for October 2024. The launchpads include Bitci, Kommunitas and more big names to be added.

     Source: Sociapol Whitepaper

The team aims for upcoming listings on major exchanges, subject to compliance and approval processes. Should these listings occur, SPOL will benefit both token holders and platform users, ranging from trading virtual assets to unlocking exclusive experiences. Developers and content producers could use SPOL tokens to produce and distribute assets, or to charge customers for access to their services or content.

About Sociapol

Sociapol stands at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly merging Virtual Reality (VR) and Web3 technologies to create an immersive and collaborative digital space. This cutting-edge platform goes beyond conventional gaming paradigms, catering to users equipped with VR devices, mobile gadgets, and personal computers. Sociapol, with its integration of cryptocurrency and NFTs, not only transforms the way users experience digital environments but also pioneers a new era of interactive online communities.

More details about the project can be found on Sociapol’s website and Twitter.

For in-depth information about the project, users canread the Whitepaper here.


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