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Zug, Switzerland, December 22nd, 2023, Chainwire

Secured Finance aims to surpass the conventional constraints of traditional DeFi lending models, introducing a fresh perspective to the bond market. Through the adoption of an order book-based system, the team has focused its attention on improving overall market transparency and efficiency.

The platform aims to enable the seamless integration of institutional and retail users into the DeFi ecosystem, ensuring secure and simple crypto lending, borrowing, and derivatives. Secured Finance wants to set itself apart in the fast-paced world of DeFi through features such as streamlined lending, transparent pricing, and counterparty risk reduction.

What does Secured Finance offer?

The platform goes beyond mere trading, as Secured Finance concentrates on conducting all processes, from bond issuance to settlement, on the blockchain which helps them establish a comprehensive ecosystem. According to Secured Finance Founder and CEO, Masa Kikuchi, “By using blockchain technology, the system improves overall transparency and security and helps the platform achieve immediate and low-cost settlements while also providing investors with stable returns.”

Perhaps most importantly, however, Secured Finance is making history by being the first to open a cryptocurrency-denominated bond market. This is a first in both DeFi and TradFi, as presently nobody can trade BTC and ETH bonds elsewhere as public-chain-based bond settlement systems don’t exist yet.

The platform also introduces standardized OTC products with on-chain order book-based price discovery, ensuring fair interest rates with minimal gas costs. Establishing a reliable yield curve through user-driven order book systems for efficient collateral management and hedging is also feasible, as is bridging DeFi technologies with interbank standards to create a transparent and open financial infrastructure.

Furthermore, Secured Finance aims to provide a genuine and transparent yield curve for informed decision-making and risk management. The platform also enhances composability and scalability by enabling the interpolation of interest rates and leveraging derivatives through a unified yield curve. Finally, Secured Finance’s standard supports zero-coupon bond issuance and trading, facilitating fixed-rate loans and efficient hedging opportunities.

What about future goals?

Looking ahead, Secured Finance aspires to transcend being merely a platform, as the aim is to set a new benchmark in the financial realm. This benchmark embodies principles of transparency, efficiency, and accessibility, which means that Secured Finance’s objective is to foster greater inclusivity in financial services and dismantle barriers entrenched in traditional markets.

The order book system transforms decision-making, enabling informed investments. Secured Finance’s roadmap focuses on growth, expansion, and innovative product development post-mainnet launch, solidifying its leadership in financial innovation. The mainnet launch, scheduled on December 15th, 2023, marks a significant milestone for Secured Finance, and it will be supported by successful fundraising efforts, enhancing the platform’s trust and market position.

Ultimately, this innovative journey is synonymous with innovation, transformation, and leadership in finance. Secured Finance does not want to simply participate in the financial market narrative, as instead, the focus is on writing the next chapter of it while being at the forefront.

About Secured Finance

Secured Finance is revolutionizing financial markets, bridging traditional and crypto markets with transparent, efficient solutions. Its innovative order book system addresses Ethereum challenges, enhancing on-chain management. Essentially, Secured Finance envisions a mature cryptocurrency market, with a fully on-chain advantage providing a competitive edge. The order book system extends benefits to P2P transactions, offering stability and expanded market potential.

In the bond market, Secured Finance’s yield curve aids in anticipating trends, contributing to diversified investment strategies and improved risk management. The platform enables fixed interest rates by tackling ETH gas costs, enhancing liquidity, and offering flexibility in OTC derivatives. The Ethereum choice balances liquidity and innovation. 

With Secured Finance, transparency is key, with on-chain systems ensuring fair interest rate determination. A lengthy and thorough Q&A session highlighted several operational aspects of the platform, all of which emphasized transparency, innovation, and risk management. As previously mentioned, the platform is also the first project to enable crypto bond trading in the history of finance.

Put simply, this journey is about spearheading market evolution. Similar to how Bitcoin (BTC) redefined the concept of money, Secured Finance aims to reshape the perception of the bond market as well as the broader financial landscape via stability, efficiency, and transparency, ushering in a new era of financial possibilities.

For more information, visit Secured Finance’s official website along with the GitHub, X, YouTube, Discord, Guild, and Galxe channels. For email-related inquiries, feel free to use contact@secured-finance.com.


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