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Hong Kong, China, December 30th, 2023, Chainwire

AssetClub, the world’s first Web3 digital asset investment game platform, announced the addition of BRC20 inscription token RATS as a payment token on December 29, 2023, as well as upcoming new application scenarios and game functions pivoting around RATS token, committed to leading 8 billion users around the world into a new era of digital assets together with the RATS community.

This initiative aims to build a more cohesive community user base through deep strategic collaboration with RATS, create more creative game experiences, empower the RATS community, provide a variety of application scenarios, and build a richer RATS ecosystem.

RATS community is an independent community established by those who agree on RATS’s value, which takes Ridiculous, Against, Trend and Safety as the core of community spirit to jointly promote the development of RATS inscriptions. The AssetClub team chose the RATS token, the representative of BRC-20’s fair launch mechanism, in this wave of inscription craze. Through a deep understanding of the RATS community’s vibrant culture, AssetClub is committed to making Web3 easier and fairer for ordinary people. This choice is not only a recognition of the RATS community core, but it will also become an important support for the AssetClub project, providing users with a digital asset experience that is safe and close to everyday life. 

According to the head of AssetClub, the shared vision of AssetClub and RATS is rooted in the belief that users worldwide can enjoy a more enriching experience in the digital asset realm. 

RATS’ vision is to bring RATS to 8 billion people’s wallets around the world, while AssetClub’s vision is to bring 8 billion people around the world ahead of the digital asset era. This shared value is not only a recognition of the alignment of vision, but also an act of confidence in opening a new chapter in the world of digital assets.

AssetClub plans to launch a prototype RAT RACE, where players can earn RATS tokens through a series of gameplay scenarios. In the game, RATS pets will be introduced as game equipment and support trading, while supporting RATS mining activities to reward rich RATS token, which can be withdrawn to on-chain wallets. In-game equipment trading supports the use of RATS as gas fees, and RATS token can be pledged to obtain special NFT and characters. At the same time, it fully supports the top-up of RATS token and will cooperate with the development of new city maps and other functions according to the RATS community’s global expansion plan, creating more dynamic digital asset experiences for players.

By integrating RATS into the core of the game, AssetClub has created a more vivid digital asset experience for users, combining the real and the virtual, enabling players to participate more deeply in this new digital era, not only injecting new vitality into the application scenarios of the RATS community, but also bringing more new participants to the RATS community.

In response to this initiative, the relevant person in charge of AssetClub stressed that AssetClub’s warm embrace of BRC20 and RATS is not only a cooperation, but also a commitment to provide users with a richer digital asset experience. On the road to WEB3, AssetClub will lead 8 billion users around the world to appreciate the style of the era of digital assets under the banner of innovation, fairness and fun. With the implementation of this strategy, AssetClub ushered in a new chapter in the era of digital assets, providing users around the world with an easier and more secure WEB3 gaming experience, and becoming a leader in the era of digital assets.

About RATS Token

RATS is a token created on the Bitcoin blockchain using the BRC-20 protocol, and the RATS community is an autonomous community established by the RATS inscription consensus to jointly advance the development of the RATS ecosystem.

About AssetClub

AssetClub is committed to creating a global platform that integrates digital asset investment and gaming to provide users with a fairer and more interesting WEB3 experience, so that 8 billion users around the world can experience the wonderful digital assets in advance.


iOS App Store:https://apps.apple.com/us/app/assetclub/id6463852201

Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.assetclub.assetclubapp



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