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Singapore, Singapore, December 7th, 2023, Chainwire

Deepcoin, a global cryptocurrency derivative trading platform, is thrilled to announce the listing of Stratos on its platform. The initial futures listing for STOS/USDT is already available for trade since 2023-11-28 21:00(UTC+8) while spot trading commenced from 2023-11-30 22:00(UTC+8). 

About STOS

STOS represents the token of the Stratos project, accessible on both the Layer-1 Stratos chain and as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum chain, with a max supply of 100 million. Since Stratos chain is EVM compatible, STOS is also accessible on any chain that is EVM-compatible. The STOS token is an innovative digital asset designed for a myriad of decentralized applications within the blockchain ecosystem. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies solely focusing on transactions, STOS stands out as a versatile token aiming to revolutionize decentralized data management and storage. 

The STOS token helps address the persistent data storage challenges faced by blockchain networks. Current blockchains necessitate maintaining an exhaustive ledger at each node, posing limitations on their overall storage capacity. This creates a significant bottleneck as the local storage of each node dictates the blockchain’s storage limit, hindering the expansion of storage capabilities, bloating a blockchain overtime. STOS seeks to tackle this issue head-on by introducing solutions that transcend these storage limitations, enabling efficient scalability without compromising decentralization. 

The STOS token powers Stratos, a web3 project pioneering the next generation of decentralized infrastructure that encompasses a scalable and reliable all-in-one network providing storage, database,computational networks and blockchain to present a compelling solution catering to the evolving needs of the digital economy. This mechanism empowers a high-performance decentralized storage network driven by hot data, catering to the growing demands of various Dapps.This evolution is poised to offer unparalleled scalability for blockchain and Web3 ecosystem while preserving the decentralized essence inherent in distributed protocols. 

The STOS token’s adaptability and utilization extend beyond mere transactions, enabling a spectrum of services such as fee settlements, miner incentives, and resource consumption verifications. As the cryptocurrency supporting the Stratos project, STOS emerges not just as a medium of exchange but as a foundational element driving the innovation and sustainable growth of decentralized data storage solutions.

Ego Huang, CEO of Deepcoin, commented on the recent listing of the STOS token on the DeepCoin cryptocurrency exchange in a statement that reflected his optimism for the collaboration. Huang remarked: “The addition of the STOS token to our exchange marks an exciting milestone for us and the broader crypto community.”

About Stratos

At the core of the Stratos project lies a visionary concept poised to redefine the landscape of decentralized data infrastructure. This next-gen decentralized infrastructure is meticulously designed to tackle the limitations of existing blockchain infrastructure while retaining its intrinsic benefits. By introducing a meta service layer bolstered by Proof-of-Authority mechanisms, Stratos pioneers management services encompassing indexing, routing, and auditing tasks. This meta service layer ensures the maintenance of multiple copies of files across its P2P network, significantly enhancing reliability and accessibility. This also redefines the traditional notion of a storage network, elevating it to a decentralized data mesh, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability.

Comprising decentralized storage, database, and computation components, Stratos also offers a multifaceted approach to handling various data types. From structured to unstructured data, Stratos employs tailored processes to enhance data querying and manipulation, amplifying its utility across various use cases. Stratos decentralized storage is designed to store hot data, whether it’s video, audio, documents or your Decentralized Application code. The seamless collaboration between the blockchain layer and the resource layer ensures comprehensive services, ranging from fee settlements to customizable PaaS and SaaS offerings, forming the bedrock of this comprehensive decentralized data ecosystem.

Users can gain access to computing resources traditionally monopolized by centralized entities by leveraging the Stratos decentralized Cloud, fostering a paradigm shift towards decentralized computing. This innovative approach democratizes access to resources, empowering users while forging a network of interconnected small data centers to offer efficient, localized services. This ultimately allows Stratos to pioneer a new era in the information age where decentralized storage becomes the cornerstone of a more accessible and equitable digital landscape.

Stratos has recently announced its successful integration with Polygon’s Solution Provider Network (SPN), a significant move towards fortifying decentralized infrastructure. This new collaboration aims to streamline connections between developers and critical infrastructure elements like oracles, bridges, RPC providers, and wallets, expediting dApp development and deployment. Stratos, committed to empowering Web3 developers, seeks to enhance decentralized storage efficiency by leveraging its expertise within Polygon’s dynamic ecosystem. The collaboration aspires to bolster accessibility, scalability, and efficiency in decentralized data storage, laying the groundwork for a more resilient web3 infrastructure.

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About Deepcoin

Deepcoin is a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange committed to providing users with a secure, efficient, and innovative trading experience while known for its relentless innovation and long-term value proposition. Founded in 2018 by industry veterans and former executives of renowned companies, Deepcoin has amassed over 3 million registered users across 30 countries, facilitating a cumulative trading volume exceeding US $1 trillion. Having broad support for global fiat currency deposits, Deepcoin enables direct purchases of major cryptocurrencies and offers a range of trading options for over 100 cryptocurrencies. Its user-friendly platform includes spot trading, perpetual contracts, inverse perpetual contracts, and DeFi financial management savings, backed by 24/7 multilingual customer support, empowering individuals and institutions to navigate the digital asset market with confidence and ease. Deepcoin continues to redefine the crypto trading landscape, delivering unparalleled innovation and exceptional user experiences.

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