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DAO1, the futuristic, community-led socio-economic blockchain architecture is on a mission to create an all-inclusive ecosystem. To fulfill its mission, the project is working on providing the community access to the next generation of decentralized financial products.

DAO1 Hackathon and Incubation Program: Shining the Spotlight on Tomorrow’s World Changers

The present-day blockchain industry has its own set of challenges that DAO1 needs to overcome to succeed. One such challenge is the gross mismatch between community needs and the features offered by various crypto projects. It is further worsened by inadequate investments to deserving projects combined with ideological, creative, and technical differences between team members which drives them to the ground even before takeoff.

The Solution to Innovation Roadblock

DAO1 sees an opportunity to improve this by introducing the DAO1 Incubator Platform. Its sole purpose will be to identify projects with the most potential and work with them to provide exclusive mentorship, funds for development, and access to respectable partnerships until they become self-sufficient.

The DAO1 Incubator Platform will help entrepreneurs and teams shape their ideas into full-fledged businesses. Participants in the DAO1 Incubator Program will also benefit from the development, marketing, advisory, and legal services through trusted DAO1 partners, to accelerate product development and launch. As a part of the DAO1 ecosystem, the incubatees will also receive support for listing and fundraising on leading blockchain startups and investment platforms, as well as exchange listing of their respective project tokens.

The projects graduating from the DAO1 Incubator program will form an integral part of the broad DAO1 ecosystem. In addition to benefiting from its vast resources, it will also contribute towards the advancement of the DAO1 ecosystem. Meanwhile, DAO1 token holders will enjoy privileged access to these projects, enabling them to become early investors, purchase discounted products and services, participate in token airdrops, and more.

The DAO1 Hackathon

A little bit of encouragement can go a long way in fostering innovation. DAO1’s hackathon program provides an international platform for anyone from anywhere to present their innovative ideas in the blockchain sector and put them into action.

The DAO1 International Hackathons have a low barrier of entry to attract more participation, and each candidate participating in the hackathon will have their entries evaluated and judged by a highly qualified team. The winners will receive attractive monetary benefits and a chance to have their ideas turned into full-fledged products with the help of DAO1s incubation services.

The involvement of talented teams from all over the world showcasing innovative ideas and technical skills to build solutions for the future will not only help the participants to create the business of their own but also helps the ecosystem constantly upgrade its tools and modules for the growth of the community as well as the DAO1 native token.

The International Hackathons help DAO1 increase its reach and scout for some of the best talents in the industry capable of creating decentralized solutions that solve real-world use cases. With the combination of Hackathon and Incubation programs, DAO1 looks forward to creating an ecosystem that is capable of nurturing ideas as well as products that could potentially shape the future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Robotics.

DAO1 will soon announce its first International Hackathon along with lots of other exciting updates.

Check here DAO1’s whitepaper for more details on the features & the project’s roadmap.

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