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Davos, Switzerland, January 19th, 2024, Chainwire

CurioDAO, Albus Protocol, and JPool have come together today to forge an agreement. The core of this collaboration lies in the dual-chain integration facilitated by CurioDAO. By integrating with Neon EVM, the 3 projects effectively bridge the gap between the Ethereum and Solana blockchains, where CurioDAO launches Capital DEX, consolidating the three communities and attracting cross-chain liquidity. This strategic move will enable investors in CurioDAO tokenized assets to leverage the potential of the multichain ecosystems, creating new capital inflow.

Albus Protocol provides an on-chain KYC infrastructure necessary for tokenized RWA operations in a public blockchain, paving the way for mass adoption and new capital both in Neon EVM and Solana blockchain as a whole. Albus Protocol approaches this problem in a unique way, combining the SSI model, ZK cryptography and regulatory disclosure. CurioDAO provides additional liquidity leveraging its open source CurioDAO multichain protocol, stablecoins backed by real assets, and AMM within a single experience. JPool, named one of Solana’s Top 10 projects by TVL growth in 2023, will ensure tight integration with Solana’s staking ecosystem. Alongside CurioDao, JPool also intends to provide incentives for the liquidity providers.

“Experts such as Boston Consulting Group (BCG) predict that the asset tokenization industry could be worth as much as $16 trillion by 2030. This significant valuation underscores the huge opportunity that tokenization platforms present in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance. As a leading protocol, CurioDAO is well positioned to lead this transformational shift, by partnering with JPool and Albus Protocol, we are creating a bridge between two of the world’s most prominent blockchains today, with plans to become the global bridge between key players in the Web3 market as early as 2024.” — Rey Fernando Verbooden, Co-Founder of CurioDAO

“This significant capstone gives JPool access to new blockchains and an opportunity to tap into these chains’ liquidity, attracting new players and liquidity to better support Solana’s validators, the blockchain’s backbone and one of its most important assets.” — Sonny Wolfson, Co-Founder of JPool.

“One of the key initiatives for Albus in this collaboration is to provide on-chain KYC infrastructure for CurioDAO’s 3000+ users, preserving user privacy and adhering to data retention regulations. The tokenized traditional assets are among the few crypto asset categories already recognized by the traditional finance players. We believe that tokenization will be the way forward for mass adoption, opening the door into the blockchain space for new capital. This shift could potentially bring up to 10 trillion of TradFi liquidity into the blockchain space.” — Alexander Ray, Founder & CEO of Albus Protocol.

The alliance between CurioDAO, Albus Protocol, and JPool stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving innovation in the decentralized finance space. 

About CurioDAO

CurioDAO is building the future Fintech infrastructure for tokenizing assets. The CuriosDAO’s mission is to pioneer the adoption of distributed ledger technologies in the automotive sector. CurioDAO reinvents collectible car investments by tokenizing assets, eliminating high capital requirements. This allows more people to invest directly in the most lucrative market without costly middlemen involved.

About Neon EVM

Neon EVM is an Ethereum Virtual Machine on Solana that allows developers to deploy Ethereum dApps without undertaking any reconfiguration. Neon EVM enables Solidity- and Vyper-based dApps to access Solana’s liquidity and network benefits: low fees, high transaction speeds, and parallel transaction execution capabilities.

About Albus Protocol

Swiss-based Albus Protocol provides a way for Web3 businesses to know their users while preserving user privacy and adhering to data retention regulations. This opens up a number of business opportunities: from targeting and personalization to risk mitigation. Albus approaches the problem in a distinctive way by combining SSI model, ZK cryptography and regulatory disclosure.

A RegTech project offering verification of transaction compliance, Albus Protocol also provides a KYC- and AML-compliant identity and Compliance-as-a-Service on-chain for Web3 projects. By ensuring regulatory compliance, it enables DeFi platforms and protocols to work with institutional clients.

About JPool

JPool Insights, a bookkeeping and reporting solution for seamless blockchain accounting integration, comprises JPool, an innovative liquid staking pool for maximized yields on Solana, as well as a suite of other products that establish jFactory at the forefront of mass adoption of blockchain tech.

The profile of the products combines disruptive DeFi approaches with deep understanding of traditional financial tools and institutions, which makes them applicable both for those clients who are just starting their way in the DeFi world, and for professional investors seeking a more effective management of their crypto assets.



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