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Stockholm, Sweden, December 15th, 2023, Chainwire

Common Wealth, a trailblazer in early-stage Web3 investment, and PAID Network, known for its innovative Ignition Launchpad, announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at transforming the crowdfunding and investment paradigm in the digital era. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the Web3 finance sector, promising to make decentralized finance more accessible, equitable, and efficient for a broad spectrum of retail investors and crypto users.

The synergy between Common Wealth’s mission and PAID Network’s unique capabilities for transparency and reliability lays down the foundation for a new crowdfunding experience that benefits all parties involved. Common Wealth, as the Market Pathfinder, will focus on unearthing and showcasing high-potential early-stage investment opportunities. Meanwhile, PAID Network, acting as the Catalyst for Startups, will bridge the gap between visionary founders and the resources they need, leveraging its crowd-sourced funding platform and incubation resources.

Revolutionizing the Investment Experience

The brands’ shared goal to democratize the investment process in Web3 will see them work closely to create an environment that is inclusive, secure and simple for users who want to participate. Common Wealth provides a mobile-first, user-friendly platform augmented by ZKsync technology, whereas PAID Network introduces a Web3-critical layer of trust and transparency.

The joint efforts of Common Wealth and PAID Network are focused on creating an environment that fosters equal opportunities and eliminates obstacles. This vision is consistent with the principle that prioritises individuals in decentralised finance and utilises blockchain technology to enhance the financial well-being of a greater number of people worldwide. 

The collaboration between Common Wealth and PAID Network transcends the mere pooling of resources in its pursuit of establishing a DeFi space that is more inclusive, sustainable, and powerful. Collectively, both companies are positioned to revolutionise the forthcoming landscape of crowdfunding and investments. In doing so, Common Wealth and PAID Network will uphold the fundamental tenets of blockchain and cryptocurrency, while granting users around the globe unprecedented access to early-stage ventures and lucrative investment prospects.

About Common Wealth

Common Wealth is redefining the venture capital investment model using Web3 principles. With a focus on opening up access to the masses, Common Wealth incentivizes crowd-sourced wisdom and sets new standards in investment and education. The platform is committed to a seamless, mobile-first experience in the layered Web3 space.

About PAID Network:

PAID Network’s Ignition is a pioneering Launchpad focused on connecting highly vetted founders with the resources they need to succeed. By offering crowd-sourced funding and top-tier incubation tools and advisors, PAID Network plays a crucial role in bringing visionary projects to life.

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Chief Operating Officer
Timothy McCann
Common Wealth

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