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Crypto with its addition like Decentralized Finance, Non Fungible Tokens or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations provide great opportunities in an ever-changing world moving ahead at a very fast pace. It took the crypto industry 10 years to reach a $1 trillion market cap, and another three months to double and hit the $2 trillion mark. With most cryptos at all-time highs, we are entering the mass adoption phase. Back in the day, we had a bank account, and we are looking towards banks that could give us the best interest for our hard-earned money. Lately, the interest has become very low, even negative in few cases. But in the meantime, we could stake cryptocurrencies and be paid a staking reward which is actually the new interest and looks very promising.

Challenging the Traditional Financial Status Quo with DAO1https://dao1.org

We are experiencing a unique period in our lifetime where the financial system is reset from its roots and the power is transferred back from centralised bodies to the little guy through decentralised finance. Further, regular people from all over the world can become more than just users of the financial system, they can become part of it by having more options than ever before and use the power of the tokens they own to express voting power and influence the organisation they want to support.

Blockchain For Finance

Since the beginning of this year, the DeFi industry has registered a 143% growth, which is around $37.69 billion across lending protocols, decentralized exchanges, derivatives, payments, and asset protocols. Unlike traditional financial system, DeFi doesn’t disqualify users based on race, gender, colour of the skin and professional status, which makes it open for all. However, being a new paradigm, you need to learn a little bit about this new world unfolding before us, to take the best decisions for your financial future.

In the traditional financial system, it was not necessary to learn a lot because the bank’s consultant was the game player and you would have to accept or reject the offer for an account, the interest on a deposit or a loan. In the DeFi world, you, the user is the game player, the power is in your hands and with this power comes your responsibility in learning what to do with it.

DAOs: A Democratic and Decentralized Way to Run an Organization

In traditional companies, all employees of a company have employment contracts that regulate their relationship with the organization and with each other. Their rights and obligations are regulated by legal contracts and enforced by a legal system which is subject to the underlying governing law of the country they reside in. If anything goes wrong, or someone does not stick to their end of the bargain, the legal contract will define who can be sued for what in a court of law.

DAOs, on the other hand, involve a set of people interacting with each other according to a self-enforcing open-source protocol. Keeping the network safe and performing other network tasks is rewarded with the native network tokens. Blockchains and smart contracts hereby reduce transaction costs of management at higher levels of transparency, aligning the interests of all stakeholders by the consensus rules tied to the native token.

Individual behaviour is incentivized with a token to collectively contribute to a common goal. Members of a DAO are not bound together by a legal entity, nor have they entered into any formal legal contracts. Instead, they are steered by incentives tied to the network tokens, and fully transparent rules that are written into the piece of software, which is enforced by machine consensus. There are no bilateral agreements. There is only one governing law — the protocol or smart contract — regulating the behaviour of all network participants.

DAO1, A New form of Community-Led Financial Ecosystem

DAO1 is the expression of the most futuristic & community led DeFi ecosystem with seamless financial services without intermediaries.

DAO1 follows a scalable structure that will embrace the best practices in the industry from time to time and constantly upgrade its tools and modules for the growth of the community and the native token. The financial innovation has no boundaries so DAO1 encourages innovation by organising online hackathons allowing teams from all over the world to build & showcase their solutions, products & services which can contribute to the further advancement of the platform. DAO1 is building a complex, and complete ecosystem with Governance from day 1, Decentralised Fund (DeF) with AI-powered Hybrid Advisory, Crypto Venture & Startup Fund, Staking, Farming, NFTs, Underwriting with DAO1 holders profit from startups funded by DAO1, and more to come.

The Decentralised Fund (DeF) empowers the community to stake any admissible coin or token with the Robo instantly, rendering guidance on the most prudent project to invest in for maximum benefits. This rare instrument anchors an automated advisory capacity that reduces risk and maximizes utility in the DAO1 community.

This robust system ensures the superiority of our platform.

DAO1 is open-source, fully transparent and, both in theory and practice, incorruptible. All transactions of the organization are recorded and maintained on a blockchain. Interests of the members of the organization are aligned by the incentive rules tied to the native token. Proposals take the primary way for making decisions within DAO1, which are voted for by majority consensus of involved network actors. As such, DAO1 is a distributed online community that lives on the Internet, exists autonomously and also relies on specialist individuals — the core team to perform certain tasks that cannot be replaced with automation.

DAO1 is evolving with the speed of light and you are invited to join our social media channels and become a part of that journey.

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